SyncroPatch 96

SyncroPatch® 96. Get more throughput.

  • The giga-seal APC system with the highest throughput on the market
  • Intuitive set-up, screening and data analysis
  • Cost-efficient ion channel screening

The SyncroPatch® 96 is a screening platform capable of recording from 96 cells in parallel. The SyncroPatch® 96 generates high quality patch clamp data and provides accurate pharmacology because full dose response curves can be acquired from individual cells with giga-seals. It is the ideal tool for secondary screening efforts and for safety testing; either for dose response analysis or single-point screening.

Recordings are continuous during applications and solution exchange is in the order of 100 ms. This makes the SyncroPatch® 96 ideal for screening of compound action on ligand and voltage gated ion channels. The disposable borosilicate glass substrate used for seal formation ensures high quality data and long lasting seals. With a success rate for completed experiments of 60 %, the SyncroPatch® 96 has a data throughput of 5000 data points per day. Therefore, the SyncroPatch® 96 is THE tool for efficient, reliable and accurate drug screening and safety testing.


DataControl® 96. Efficient data handling.

  • Simple but powerful graphical and analysis tools
  • Full CRC analysis in 3 clicks
  • Raw data, results and dose response fits - all on one single screen
  • PDF-Reporting and customizable export to databases

DataControl®96 is an independent software package to load and analyze data recorded on the SyncroPatch®96. The analysis template can be saved and reloaded. Customized export formats of analysis results (IC50, EC50) and specifi c data (Online Analysis (OA) Results, Compounds, Concentrations, Quality Control (QC) results) are integrated. Reports can be generated to summarize and archive the results. A standard reporting format is provided as a pdf. All this is straightforward and done within minutes!