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Motorized X, Y, and Z axes, 300mm x 200mm dispense area, choice of source and destination vessels, AxSys Software with PC Workstation, I&T

Dispensers Choices

DisPo Probe Dispenser Kit
Interchangeable sample probes
Source/Destination Choices Vials
Microwell Plates
Microcentrifuge Tubes
Custom Sources
Dispensing materials in the solid state has been a challenge for automation for years.? Solid dispensing of samples with a wide range of properties has proven even more difficult.? To further complicate matters, many experiments require sample mass in the microgram range.
1. 간편하게 powder를 분주 할 수 있는 Dry Powder
  / Solid Dispenser
2. 용도에 맞게 100ug에서 100mg까지 다양한 Volume
3. 우수한 재현성 및 정확성.