Single Quantum Eos X10 CS (SNSPD)

Single Quantum¡¯s Eos X10 CS is a superconducting nanowire single photon detector (SNSPD) closed-cycle system with unparalleled detection efficiency in the near infrared spectrum. The Eos X10 CS has low timing jitter, low dark counts, robust fiber coupling and is capable of broadband photon detection. Its easy-to-use "plug and play" design consumes no helium.

Eos X10 CS Features

  • Unparalleled system efficiency: >75%
  • Sensitivity from UV to mid-IR
  • Low dark count rate: <10 Hz
  • Low timing jitter: <40 ps
  • Short deadtime: <20 ns
  • High count rate: >20 MHz
  • No helium consumption
  • No afterpulsing
  • Continuous operation: >10,000 hours

Current applications for the Eos X10 CS include (but are not limited to): photon correlation measurements; quantum dot spectroscopy; quantum computing; quantum key distribution and quantum cryptography; single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy; CMOS defect analysis; laser remote sensing; and single oxygen luminescence.

Optional Components

  • Cryogenic amplifier: With cryogenic amplifiers, single photons can be detected with higher time resolution. The timing jitter will be reduced to less than 40 ps.
  • Automatic polarization controller: By the Single Quantum software you can optimize the input polarization with a fiber-based polarization controller.
  • PicoQuant correlators: We offer the time correlation units PicoHarp 300 or HydraHarp 400 from our partner PicoQuant.
  • Housing solution: You can choose to have a housing cabinet for the cryostat, the driver and a vacuum pump. You can also choose to integrate a touchscreen and a computer into your housing cabinet.

Custom Solutions

The system can be customized to meet special requirements of your experiment.

  • Wavelength optimization: The detectors can be optimized to achieve maximum efficiency at a wavelength from UV to mid-IR other than the standard wavelengths.
  • Ultra-low dark count rate: For experiments requiring extremely low noise, we offer a solution to reduce the dark count rate to <10 Hz.
  • More detection channels: A system can be customized to host up to 8 detection channels.
  • Fast photon counting: Photon counting at a speed of >20 MHz can be provided.
  • Eos X10 OS dipstick system: We offer dipstick systems which are compatible with standard liquid helium dewar.