The world's smallest patch clamp rig.

  • The fast and easy access to high quality patch clamp data
  • Quick evaluation of compounds and cells
  • Novel and exciting experimental possibilities
  • The Port-a-Patch® is a miniaturized patch clamp system supporting giga-seal recordings from one cell at a time. It offers fast and easy access to high quality patch clamp data with only minimal training. Not only a powerful research tool but also ideal for educational purposes and quick tests of cells and ion channels.
  • Using the Port-a-Patch® is straightforward and easy - the user simply adds solutions and cells onto the disposable recording chip, where a cell is automatically captured and sealed by suction using a computer controlled pump. Supported recording modes are the whole cell, perforated patch and cell attached configuration.
  • Add-Ons such as the Internal Perfusion and Temperature Control, as well as the ability to conduct current clamp and bilayer experiments, broaden the range of possible experiments for scientific research immensely.
  • The Port-a-Patch® system is comprised of the Port-a-Patch® recording unit, a Suction Control unit, a HEKA amplifier and a computer. If an amplifier is already available, this can be integrated with the Port-a-Patch® system in most cases. Please have a look at the Port-a-Patch data page for further information on specific channels and cells.