Patchliner® - Because quality does matter.

  • Press one button and walk away - 48 cells in one run
  • Unlimited experimental freedom
  • Best of all worlds: throughput, performance and versatility

The Patchliner® is a fully automated patch clamp platform offering medium throughput and vast experimental freedom. Because of its high data quality, robust recordings and superior level of automation, the Patchliner® is an exceptional tool routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry, CROs and academic institutions.

Applications range from routine hERG screening to sophisticated experiments on primary cells. A consistent success rate for completed experiments is seen across a range of different cell lines. 

Up to 48 cells can be analyzed without user intervention making the Patchliner® an ideal tool for compound screening. 

Alternatively, protocol changes can be made on-the fly meaning not only that assay development is more efficient, but that research type experiments are also possible with increased throughput. 

On the Patchliner®, eight cells are recorded in parallel and thanks to the rapid cycle times and high success rates for completed recordings, the Patchliner® achieves a data throughput of 500 data points per day. 

Such flexibility combined with the throughput and high success rates places the Patchliner® in a league of its own.