DM100 series

Magnetic Hyperthermia Research


The next step on Magnetic Hyperthermia research

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics system은 Magnetic Hyperthermia (MHT)의 분야에 필요한 자성물질을 연구하는 system을 공급하고 있습니다.

DM100 Series는 induction heating of nanostructured materials(나노물질의 유도가열) 연구에 사용 되는 최초의 규격화된 기기로써 자성물질의 특성연구에서 임상 실험까지 다양한 분야의 연구에 활용하고 있습니다.

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DM100 Series is the only integral, immediate and reliable solution for Inductive Nano Heating Research, whose main applications are on Magnetic Hyperthermia and Controlled Drug Release

Main Benefits:

- Provide the foundation that solidly backs up the validity of the results with a second to none technology.

- Widen the range of validity of the research conclusions, by guaranteeing the repeatability of the results in the long term for different tests, samples and methods.

- Optimize the productivity of the lab thanks to its automated and integrated design that means more experimental results investing less time and fewer people in it.

Main Features of DM100 Series:

- Adjustable intensity between 0 and 600 gauss (depending on applicator)

- Manual mode and PC-programmable mode.

- USB, ethernet compatible.

- Software for automation and data processing.

- User's guide with starting procedures on MHT inicial experiences.

- Post sale service: scientific advising and technical help.

System Configuration:

- DMC1 controller which is the core brain of the system. Its easy-to-use interface allows scheduling automatized experiments, monitoring the measurements and analyzing the results.

- Applicator, which is the device that holds the sample, generates the magnetic field and does the measurements. There are different types of applicators designed to fit all kind of Nano Heating experiments.

- Control and Analysis Software which includes analysis tools, automation resources, file management options and graphical presentation appliances.

- Tactile Monitor