MicroWriter ML®3

The MicroWriter ML® products are a range of photolithography machines designed for rapid prototyping and small volume manufacturing in R&D laboratories and clean rooms.

Conventional approaches to photolithography are usually based on exposing through a chromium-glass mask manufactured by specialist vendors. In R&D environments it is often necessary to change the mask design frequently. Direct-write lithography tools overcome this problem by holding the mask in software. Rather than projecting light through a physical mask, direct-write lithography uses computer-controlled optics to project the exposure pattern directly onto the photoresist.

The MicroWriter ML®3 family comprises three compact, high-performance, direct-write optical lithography machines which are designed to offer unprecedented value for money in a small laboratory footprint.


MicroWriter ML®3 Baby

This is our entry level machine and is one of the lowest cost direct-write optical lithography machines available anywhere in the world. It operates at a single resolution of 1レm with a wavelength of 405nm and is designed to sit on a standard laboratory bench either in a clean-room or in a general laboratory. A high quality optical microscope with a x10 Olympus objective allows exposures to be aligned to existing structures or to the edges of the substrate. Despite its low cost, it is still fast with a top writing speed of 20mm2/minute, allowing a 50mm x 50mm area to be exposed in approximately 2 hours.


MicroWriter ML®3 Baby Plus

The Baby Plus is our top selling machine and adds a number of features to the Baby which are usually only found in high-end machines. Two different resolutions (1レm and 5レm) can be selected automatically via software and without the user needing to exchange any lens manually. This allows non-critical parts of the exposure to be performed rapidly at 5レm resolution while retaining high resolution writing for critical parts. Locating alignment markers or edges of substrates is faster thanks to an automatic lens changer on the optical microscope allowing the user to switch between x3 and x10 objectives via software. The MicroWriter ML®3 Baby Plus also features an optical surface profilometer tool and an automated wafer inspection tool for examining fabricated structures. As with all of our machines, writing speeds are some of the fastest on the market: up to 20mm2/minute at 1レm resolution and up to 120mm2/minute at 5レm resolution, allowing a typical 50mm x 50mm area combining critical and non-critical areas to be exposed in under 30 minutes.


MicroWriter ML®3

This is our flagship machine and offers no-compromise sub-micron lithography on up to 9 ̄ wafers. It is designed for highly demanding individual research groups or for central clean room facilities. Four different resolutions (0.6レm, 1レm, 2レm and 5レm) can be selected automatically via software and without the user needing to exchange any lens manually. The optical microscope contains a full set of high performance bright and sharp infinite conjugate objectives (x3, x5, x10 and x20) with a software controlled automatic lens changer, allowing large substrate areas to be searched rapidly and individual sub-micron objects such as nanowires and crystal flakes to be accurately located. Top writing speeds are very fast: 25mm2/minute at 0.6レm resolution, 50mm2/minute at 1レm resolution, 100mm2/minute at 2レm resolution and 180mm2/minute at 5レm resolution, allowing a 100mm x 100mm area to be fully exposed at 2レm resolution in under 2 hours. In addition to the optical surface profilometer tool and automated wafer inspection tool present in the Baby Plus, there is also a Virtual Mask Aligner mode in which the pattern to be exposed is displayed on top of the real-time microscope image, allowing the machine to be used like a traditional mask aligner.



Why choose the MicroWriter ML®3 family?

  • All of our machines are very competitively priced.
  • All of our machines have fast writing speeds.
  • All of our machines have a low cost of ownership. Our lightsources have a lifetime of 20,000 hours and are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • The MicroWriter ML®3 Baby Plus and MicroWriter ML®3 have an impressive array of advanced features usually only found in high-end machines.
  • All of our machines are designed for use by PhD students and post-docs in a research environment and so have an attractive, intuitive and simple Windows® user interface while offering the flexibility and high levels of access to machine operation for those who want to develop new techniques.
  • All of our machines share a common technology platform, allowing you to upgrade from MicroWriter ML®3 Baby to MicroWriter ML®3 Baby Plus and to MicroWriter ML®3 at a later date.
  • There is a well-established user base of MicroWriter ML® machines in over 35 laboratories around the world, including national labs and internationally leading Universities.
  • We have an international network of trained local service engineers to keep you running.