Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®)

Characterize your samples like you couldn¡¯t before

Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) offers solutions for static and dynamic 3D characterization in material science and life science applications. The solutions combine DHM® with hardware, dedicated software, and specific options to respond to the needs of innovative R&D to industrial applications. The DHM® technology and products have been developed by Lyncee Tec who also has the competence and flexibility to offer customization and OEM systems.

Reflection DHM®

Reflection DHM® measures the reflected wavefront from the sample, i.e. the surface topography in case of purely reflecting sample.
DHM® is more than a standard optical profilometer as it enables dynamic measurement within vertical ranges from nanometers to hundreds of microns with sub-nanometric vertical resolution.

Applications :
  • Surface topography
  • Surface finish
  • Defect inspection
  • Structured thin film
  • MEMS measurement

Transmission DHM®

Transmission DHM® measures the optical path difference of a beam travelling through samples.
For measurements of micro-optical components, microfluidic devices, and defects or particles inside transparent samples, Transmission DHM® systems are usually the optimal choice.
In biological imaging the pioneer users of DHM® have demonstrated through seminal publications the interpretation of DHM® measurements in terms of underlying biological processes. Transmission DHM® systems are the best choice for such cellular applications.