Dynamics of Membrane Proteins and Droplet Fusion


Single restriction proteins bound to a DNA molecule. Optically trapped between two microspheres and visualized using single colour confocal microscopy, both done simultaneously in the C-Trap¢â instrument.


The C-Trap¢â can be adapted to your needs, allowing for up to four individually controllable traps, single to multi-color confocal fluorescence microscopy or an upgrade to STED super-resolution.

Optical Tweezers

• Multiple continuous optical traps, dual (2) or quadruple (4) configurations
• Unparalleled range of trap stiffness and low force noise
• Absolute 3D trap positioning

Confocal Fluorescence

• Multicolor (up to 3 colors) confocal scanning fluorescence microscopy
• Single-photon sensitivity
Upgradable to STED super resolution

u-Flux¢â Microfluidics

• Ultra-stable passive pressure driven microfluidics
• Monolithic laminar flow cell with automated valve switching
• Truly correlative force-fluorescence data acquisition

G2 Features

• Force detection with an extremely high escape force (> 1000 pN) and force stability (< 0.3 pN over minutes)
• Precise temperature control for measuring samples in biologically relevant conditions, without compromising on performance
• Ultra-fast sensor with a sampling frequency of up to 2.5 MHz


Bluelake Software Suite

Designed from the ground up, our brand new software suite Bluelake provides intuitive controls that bring you closer to your experiment and enable the highest experimental throughput. Manipulate your sample directly with simple mouse and joystick movements, and fully automate your measurement with our powerful Python scripting engine.

With a click of a button, you perform complex single-molecule experiments and gather simultaneous force, bright-field, and instrument status data streams. The new timeline feature ensures you can focus on the data that matters, and never lose anything of value.



The Bluelake interface, providing full control and data visualization spread over two screens