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Montana Instruments Corporation has a mission of making the researcher more effective. We recognize the researcher's difficulties because cryogenics pitfalls cause experiments to take days or weeks, rather than hours. Our technology solves the hard problems associated with cryogenic experiments so that researchers can focus more on making discoveries. The Cryostation is a 3K - 350K optical research instrument that takes the costly and time consuming risk of cryogenic experimental pitfalls out of the equation. Simply remove the lid, insert your sample, set a target temperature and the versatile Cryostation will control at this temperature with sample stability unmatched by other competitive instruments.
Temperature Range 3-350 Kelvin (sample in vacuum)
3-350 Kelvin (sample in vacuum) less than 10 millikelvins (peak to peak)
Vibration Stability less than 5 nanometers (peak to peak)
Sample Drift CTE-cancelling sample platform
Sample Space 53mm diameter by 40mm height
Sample Mounting Sample in vacuum. Microscopy / Spectroscopy sample mount included
Numerical Aperture Configurable to 0.87 with sample near window
Electrical Access 9 electrical feedthrough mini-connector terminations near sample
Computer Control Fully automated cooldown, warmup, temperature control and more
User Interface Control via Windows® based software on mini-computer
Remote Interface OLE Automation for scripting and external control
Optical access Five optical ports (six optional), each with
radiation-blocking cold windows
Compressor Variable Flow Helium Compressor, 1.0 - 1.8 KW, (Air cooled)