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The AD1500 is a tabletop workstation designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing applications to glass slides
microtiter plates or membranes. Its compact footprint and up to four BioJet Plus Pumps make it ideal for a research laboratory to investigate new applications.
Both chemical and biological reagents can be dispensed using the proprietary BioJet technology. BioJet Plus couples the X-Y-Z motion control system with the high precision displacement capabilities of a syringe pump and the high-speed actuation of a microsolenoid valve. The three components synchronized together result in a precise, non-contact liquid handling system.

The AD3200 is a workstation designed for development and pilot scale production of biochips. Its standard 8 BioJet Plus and plate or slide nest configuration makes it ideal for a biochip development.
The proprietary BioJet Plus technology was developed for high speed dispensing. The technology involves (1) the coupling of a high speed micro solenoid valve with a high resolution syringe pump and (2) synchronization of the dispense system with the movements of the stage. The result is an extremely fast dispensing system which can deliver volumes non contact from 20 nL to 4 L in a single dispensed drop.
BioJet Plus allows for flexible biochip development by dispensing to a glass slide, microtiter plate or membrane material.

The AD6000 is a workstation designed for high throughput biochip manufacturing.
Vision inspection (CCD camera), and barcode reading, can be configured on the AD5000 for verification of substrate positioning and reagent spot dispensing.
BioJet Plus proprietary non contact dispensing technology, links high resolution syringe pump liquid displacement with micro-solenoid actuated valve, controlling drop ejections. BioJet Plus synchronizes all parameters to achieve on the fly dispensing at very high speeds without compromising drop positional accuracy.