Electrophysiology - the smallest patch clamp.


Electrophysiology in the fast lane.

SyncroPatch 96

High Quality Electrophysiology

Lateral Flow Equipment

For product development and manufacturing.

Biosensor Equipment

For biosensor manufacturing.

Biochip Products

Workstations designed for high throughput biochip development and manufacturing.

Solid / Powder Transfer Products

Powder dispensing technology utilizes a variable volume sampling cavity and positive displacement ejection to deliver solid/powder samples.

DM 100 Series

The only integral, immediate and reliable solution for laboratory tests on magnetic hyperthermia and magnetic heating of nanomaterials.

Innovation In Dispersible Nanomaterials

Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Quantum Dots
Gold Nanoparticles
Metal Nanoparticles

Magnet Assy Reader
- Magnetic Immuno-Chromatographic Test®(MICT)

Magnetic elementary particle detection system
- Desktop based, in vitro diagnostic device.