Advanced Technology Liquefiers

The Advanced Technology Liquefiers along with its Helium Recovery, Storage & Purification Systems allow you to recover helium gas currently being lost from normal boil off and helium transfers.

High Precision Devices (HPD)

Precision, cryogen-free coolers designed for a range of scientific applications, including low-temperature detectors, superconducting devices and quantum computing.

ICE Oxford

A wide range of cryogenic systems utilising liquid Nitrogen, liquid Helium.
And also cryogen free systems utilising GM and Pulsed Tube Coolers.
Designed to meet your exact requirements.

Montana Instruments Cryostation

3.2K-350K Low vibration closed-cycle optical cryostat.

American Magnetics

Cryogen Level Instrumentation.

Cryogenic Control Systems

Complete line of cryogenic temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and cryogenic accessories.